An excerpt from “A Night in Clewiston”

Alright, to tide you guys over here is an excerpt from an published non-fiction piece, “A Night in Clewiston”. Let me know what you think! Sorry for the formatting, but the preformatting cut some words in half at the ends of the sentence.

It was roughly nine o'clock and I was decked out in all my gear. Cameras were rolling, infra-red
cameras dotted the walls and ceilings, keeping a watchful eye out for the slightest hint of paranormal
activity. This was the fruit of everyone's hard work. The Inn was said to be haunted by several ghosts.
One a cook who took his own life in the kitchen, another the spirit of a lost girl who died in a great
flood many years before. There had also been several guests in the hotel who had passed away due to
mostly natural causes. The vast, open spaces of the dining hall, courtyard, and lobby were now dotted
by people carrying equipment that looked like it came out of movie.
Slowly but surely, reports of odd activity started popping up from some of the hotel rooms that
were under surveillance. Cameras had started to turn themselves off and members of FPR were racing
around trying to keep the cameras rolling. I walked into the large, dark kitchen down the back hallway
and heard a knocking from behind the locked boiler room door, where no one could be. All the hard
work had paid off, so many people giving their all for this one night in Clewiston and what a night it
was shaping up to be. With each moment I could taste the sweetness of victory like I never had before.
I went on to join Kim and Rich from KPI for several EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recordings in
some of the small, dark hotel rooms that were reportedly haunted, they seemed just as satisfied with the
results of their hard work as I was.
There were several points during the investigation where I just stopped and watched the other
teams work in the hotel.

Wondering what I should do…

I have an early draft of a piece of fiction I’m working…shall I share, or not? Hmmm….stay tuned an maybe I’ll have something for you guys later today 🙂

An old favorite!

I just wanted to take a moment to share a book with you folks that I have really enjoyed. If you’re into stories about haunted locales and want to know a bit more about haunted locations in Florida, this book is a great read! The title is Ghosthunting Florida and you can find it here. It also happens to be written by one of my favorite authors, Dave Lapham!


Thoughts on the writing process…

Today I sat down and started outlining my next book, as many authors do. For some reason though, it really struck me that hear I am, outlining chapter after chapter, doing character summaries and ultimately deciding the fates of protagonists, antagonists and supporting characters alike. I tend to agree with the sentiment that writing has a kind of power. What a truly awesome process it is that one endeavors in, where there is complete control over the fates of every single character in a story from page one until the end. It is with that realization that I feel an even deeper respect for the art of the written word.